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Welcome to my EV blog!

Welcome to the NOGA$4ME EV blog!

Years ago I used to maintain a blog describing my experience with my 2012 Nissan LEAF.  I am not sure what happened to it, but it apparently has disappeared from the site that hosted it.  So I have started a new one!

A lot has changed in my EV life since that original blog.  We got a second (2013) Nissan LEAF, which was subsequently traded for a Chevy Bolt.  I put down a reservation for a Tesla Model 3, and then finally decided to trade in my aging 2012 LEAF for a new 30kWh 2016 LEAF, despite the fact that the Model 3 will likely be available to order very soon (initially the plan was to replace the Chevy Volt–off lease in Jan 2019–with the Model 3, but since it appears that Tesla is going to be hitting volume production about a year of where I thought they would, those plans have changed.  At any rate, the incentives on the new LEAF were just too great to pass up, so there we are.

One of the things I’d like to cover in this blog is the road to the end of the US EV federal tax credit as a few manufacturers are within a year of starting their phase out period.  I’ve been keeping tally of sales figures for quite some time now and have been estimating when the tax credit will start to phase out (particularly for Tesla vehicles) and the impacts of approaching that milestone.

I’d also like to cover other developments in the EV world and how that relates to what I call the coming inflection in EV sales.  We are rapidly approaching a point in time where the sticker price (not total cost of ownership–we have already reached that point) of a given EV is going to be less than its ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) equivalent.  Once that happens, I cannot really see consumers opting for the more expensive option and it is at that point where EV sales will take a dramatic turn.  It will be interesting to watch that play out.

The various bans on diesel and gas vehicles in various cities and countries is great, but I think the economic reasons will probably be the true drivers of getting ICE vehicles off the road.  The proposed bans only serve to wake up automakers and let them know that they better be ready for the EVolution!